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Volleman's Home Delivery offers a wide variety of products, ranging from all-natural award winning dairy products to local bread, meat and more.
Nope. You do not need to be home or answer the door to receive deliveries.
We place your order into either a Milk Box or a Cooler, which needs to be on your porch the night before you are expecting delivery. We strongly recommend placing either ice, frozen water bottles, or a few freezer packs into your cooler the morning of your delivery to assist in controlling the temperature. We offer both a custom Milk Box and a high quality cooler that you can buy when you place your order. It will be delivered along with your next delivery, we suggest when you purchase a cooler through our site to please place a small cooler out with ice packs or frozen water bottles so your milkman can transfer them to your new porch box.   You can also use your own cooler if it is a quality cooler that is in good shape, can close properly and hold a temperature.
Volleman's Delivery offers a wide variety of products, ranging from all-natural award winning dairy products to local bread, meat and more.
Of course! You can make changes up until 7pm three days before your delivery by logging into your account from your computer, smart phone, or tablet. (For example, if your delivery day is Wednesday, you have until 7pm on Sunday evening to make changes.) This makes sure we can special order items such as bread, ensuring you get the freshest products possible.
Yes! While Volleman's Home Delivery started with the intent of bringing back the Milkman, we are committed to also delivering a wide range of farm fresh, local, healthy items including baked goods, meats, snacks, and more.
Our service works for all types of households, including people living alone. The great thing about our service is that you order the products that fit the needs of your specific household. Then sit back and let us deliver.
You can skip a delivery if you need to by logging in to your account on your computer or mobile device.
Yes. On days you are expecting a delivery, simply rinse and set the bottles out next to your porch box. Your milkman will take the bottles and ensure your Volleman's account is credited $2.00 per bottle no matter the size.  To view your bottle return credits, log into your Volleman's account, click on MY ACCOUNT then on DELIVERY HISTORY.



A recurring order is the baseline order that you set up when you first sign in that will be delivered to you each week. When you add products to your order, you are given the option of adding those products for your Next Delivery only or as a Recurring Order item. Recurring Order products are those that you want to receive on a consistent schedule.
Once signed up, this should be the first thing that you do. Simply select the items that you would like delivered on a weekly basis. From there, you can add items to that recurring order as you would like.
Simply login to your account via our website. Click “shop” on the top tool bar and then begin to browse through the many local items we have to choose from. Once you select an item/items, select the recurring order pull down option and choose if you would like it delivered each week or every other week. Once you have placed all items in the shopping cart and assigned the appropriate recurring frequency, save your order changes and you will be set.



Simply login to your account via our website. Click “shop” on the top tool bar and then begin to browse through the many local items we have to choose from. Once you select an item, choose if you would like it as a one-time item or a recurring item. If recurring, then chose how often you would like that specific item to be part of your delivery. Once finished adding all of the items you are interested in, simply review your order and save changes.
Of course you can.



Everyone within the DFW metropolitan area is eligible to sign up. Certain areas will already have routes set up, thus your deliveries can start immediately. If you do not fall within one of those areas, the system will note your interest in the service and as soon as we have enough other customers interested in your area, you will be notified when your route will begin.
Great question! You can reach out to your neighbors and encourage them to sign up for this service, share with them the benefits of having local, fresh food products delivered to their door. You can also request fliers, etc. from us and we would be happy to provide that information for your neighborhood meetings, building meetings, community gatherings, etc.
No. There is no subscription period, contract terms, etc. You may cancel or put your account on hold at any time.
There are no costs to sign up for this service.  Delivery fees - Delivery of any and all items above a subtotaled order of $100 are free, subtotaled order of $25 to $100 is $3.99, subtotaled order under $25 is $4.99.
All payments are done electronically, thus once you register and have submitted your electronic payment information, you do not need to do anything else. Once your orders are delivered, your account will be charged for the amount of that order and any outstanding balance on the account.
The Milkman will not make deliveries on Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas, the Day after Christmas or New Years Day. This is to allow our staff to have the opportunity to spend time with their family and ensure they are rested and energized to support your needs throughout the year. We recommend that you bolster your order the week prior to any of these days to ensure your family is covered for your holiday needs.
Simply login to your account. There is a section that says, “going on vacation”. You can click that link and then enter the dates in which you will be gone. Your orders during that time will be skipped.
Sure you can, but we will need you to give us a call. We will work with you to determine how to set up your account, if your building has special access and how the building would like to accept such deliveries. We would also love to work with you to promote the service to others within your complex and see if we can find a way to get you some savings for the help.
Sure we can if your place of employment is within our delivery area, but we will need you to give us a call. We will work with you to make sure it is set up in a way that is good for you, your employer and your Milkman.
Sure we can if your place of employment is within our delivery area, but we will need you to give us a call. We will work with you to make sure it is set up in a way that is good your employer and your Milkman.
To avoid delivery route confusion, we will update your new address through Customer Service.  Please contact our office at 816-635-6000 the Friday before your move to ensure your delivery arrives to your new home the following week.



After signing up, assuming we have a route existing in your area, you will be assigned a route. At that point, you will see what day of the week our Milkman will visit your porch.
Your Milkman will rely a lot on electronic routing, however it is very important that your home is well marked with your address either at the curb or on your home. It is also helpful if you would be so kind to leave your front porch light on the night of your delivery.
Please note when you sign up that a gate exists. Please let us know if you would prefer for us to deliver at the gate, if not, please provide your gate code so your Milkman can access your porch.
It is a good idea to fill your Milk Box/Cooler with either a bag of ice, frozen water bottles or freezer packs before going to bed the evening of your delivery. It is also helpful if you can sit your Milk Box/Cooler in the shade or coolest spot on your porch. It is always a good idea to increase the amount of frozen items in your box to maintain a cool environment for all of your products.
We offer both an old fashioned metal powder coated Milk Box as well as a couple of 48 gallon coolers that can be purchased along with your normal delivery. These items will be delivered along with your normal order during your weekly delivery. We suggest placing a small cooler with ice packs or frozen water bottles out with your first delivery. Your milkman will transfer the ice packs to your new cooler with your items.
Simply place it near your front door. A place that is shaded is preferred.
If you do not leave a cooler out you will have your order left in a freezer bag. If it will fit, and if we have one on hand, this will result in a $2.99 charge for the bag. In the event we do not have any bags on hand, you will not receive your delivery and will be charged a $9.99 fee to assist in offsetting the cost incurred through transport and product acquisition.
We recommend leaving a old towel in your Milk Box/Cooler. Your Milkman will use this towel to wrap you glass products to help deter freezing.
Sure. Simply select skip next delivery in our system.
Since our routes are set up to ensure our Milkman can be as efficient as possible, delivery days will be set by our online system and we will be unable to alter those routes unless routes become too big for the driver to make it to all homes in one evening. At that time, we will likely split the route, which may affect delivery dates, but we will do all we can to limit the need to change anyone’s delivery day.
While we do not anticipate any problems with our order, we stand ready to address any questions, concerns or issues. Feel free to email us at cs@vollemanshomedelivery.com or contact us via phone. Please reference your address and the name that is on your account. This will assist us in providing the best customer service for you and your family as possible.



While we began this service to assist in getting you the freshest and best tasting local dairy products, we are also offering a variety of other local products ranging from meat, eggs and bread to other pantry items and coffee.
Almost all of of the products offered by Volleman's Home Delivery are made locally, by true food artisans that believe in not only providing the freshest and best tasting products possible, but also in their community.  We do in the event we cannot find items grown or made in this area, such as pineapples, etc. bring items in from outside sources. 
When you place an order for milk, you will be charged $2.00 per bottle. You receive your bottle deposit back by leaving your empty bottles outside of and right in front of your milk box/cooler on your next delivery date for us to pick up. We will credit your Volleman's Home Delivery account once we receive the bottle. If you keep a bottle, you will not be credited that deposit amount. Bottles can also be returned to all stores that carry Volleman's Milk for the full refund.



Decades ago Milkmen were known for being trusted members of the community that brought milk and other goodies to your door step with a smile. It is our desire to bring back that type of service that is focused on old fashion values, top quality products and a focus on the local community. Your Milkman is the one that makes this happen. This individual will be responsible for making sure you receive the correct order weekly, that your goods are fresh and well taken care of and that you and your family are always the top priority.
Your Milkman will usually be visiting your home early in the morning, although delivery times range from 4 am to approximately early afternoon, thus you may not ever see your Milkman. With that said, you are welcome to leave him notes. From time to time he will likely leave you notes about what is going on, introducing himself, etc. If you do correspond with him via note, please remember to leave your address and name on your correspondence.
Payment is done via credit or debit card. We accept Visa and MasterCard. Your card is charged within 24 hours after your Milkman has delivered your order.


Our Customers Tell It Like It Is

"Our family is so excited to be a part of bringing the milkman back to the Dallas area. The fact they offer so many amazing local brands in addition to milk is just an added advantage."

Chris K.

"The time we are able to save using this old fashioned service has allowed us to focus more on things that we often overlook due to numerous trips to the grocery, etc. The eggs are amazing, and my kids love their milkman. Christmas morning arrives via milkman weekly now at our home."

Abbie S.

"This service has been the talk of our neighborhood, everyone is signing up. The customer service, our milkman and the products have exceeded our expectations. Thanks for what you do!"

Brittney T.


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