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Who We Are

We are bringing the Milkman back. And he's new and improved. Because he's not just bringing milk to your doorstep - he's bringing the best that the area has to offer, no matter the product category.  Bread, Milk, Eggs, Proteins, and more, this milkman will have you covered

Our service is about nostalgia, but more importantly it is about convenience, freshness, community and trust.


Customers (that’s you) can order a variety of fresh local fare online, and we’ll bring it all the way to the doorstep (your doorstep). Even set standing weekly orders if you want. Simply place a cooler or milk box on the porch and our old-fashioned Milkman will make his delivery. It’s kind of like Santa Claus. Except he doesn’t drink the milk (and if he did, he’d get a very stern talking-to).


You order. We get your products (straight from the source). Fast-forward 24 hours, the products you ordered are on your doorstep, ready for your family to enjoy. If Milk is part of your order, customers can be sure that the milk delivered to their doorstep came from the cow within the past 12 hours or so, too. That’s some fresh dairy. So fresh it’s almost like it came from a local dairy farm just down the road…


We’re proud to support local businesses. That’s why more than 97% of all products offered by our service are local. And just to be clear, we define “local” as coming from the Dallas Metro first and then Texas more broadly. So when you purchase products, you can be sure your money is going back to a business in the community. And oftentimes, those business are small and family-owned (which is pretty cool).  We are only serving the DFW area, so don't worry, you are not our second or third metro choice, you are our only choice.  We are committed to you, the great folks of the Dallas Metro.


Our team is committed to you, our customers.  We are made of up of dairy farmers, Texans, home delivery specialists and just all around good people.  You are our number 1 priority.  We will not stop working until we exceed your expectations each week.  Our job is to keep you from worrying about your groceries, their quality or their condition.  We will work as hard as we need to to ensure you are taken care of or you will get your money back.  Our desire is to prove ourselves to you with the intent of growing a relationship that lasts decades to come.

We are thankful for the opportunity to serve you and your family!


Our Customers Tell It Like It Is

"Our family is so excited to be a part of bringing the milkman back to the Dallas area. The fact they offer so many amazing local brands in addition to milk is just an added advantage."

Chris K.

"The time we are able to save using this old fashioned service has allowed us to focus more on things that we often overlook due to numerous trips to the grocery, etc. The eggs are amazing, and my kids love their milkman. Christmas morning arrives via milkman weekly now at our home."

Abbie S.

"This service has been the talk of our neighborhood, everyone is signing up. The customer service, our milkman and the products have exceeded our expectations. Thanks for what you do!"

Brittney T.


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